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Measurement Metric Equivalent Standard Equivalent
1 dash 0.9 ml 1/32 oz.
1 teaspoon 3.7 ml 1/8 oz.
1 tablespoon 11.1 ml 3/8 oz.
1 pony 29.5 ml 1 oz.
1 jigger 44.5 ml 1-1/2 oz.
1 miniature (nip) 59.2 ml 2 oz.
1 wine glass 119.0 ml 4 oz.
1 split 177.0 ml 6 oz.
1 half pint 257.0 ml 8 oz.
1 tenth 378.88 ml 12.8 oz.
1 "pint"(1/2 bottle wine) 375.2 ml 12 oz.
1 pint (actual)

472.0 ml

16 oz.

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