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Those little Smiley Icons are everywhere ... even in the Bars!


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Harvey Ball, founder of World Smile Corporation created the first "smiley" face back in December 1963 for a client whose company needed a morale boost. It was a hit, the design appeared everywhere and by the late 1960's "smiley" had gone around the world.  Visit:

Web page author: Eileen Patrice for
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Do you have "Bar Smileys" that you would like to share with other bartenders?  

The Bar Smileys must pertain to bars, restaurants, bartenders, drinking or alcohol only.  

Submission Warning:  Do NOT send attachments!  All attachments are deleted and the emails are NOT opened.  Please submit in an html format within your email (example: AOL users = right click within email and insert a picture), or send us the web page address that the graphic can be found at.  Please observe all copyright laws of the artist/authors.

These are viewed by adults, but please keep it somewhat clean and not disgusting.  We reserve the right to decline any submission for any reason, like making us cringe or feel like vomiting.  Thank you and our viewers thank you!  Submit your name, initial, establishment's name and web address and we will credit your submission or link to your company page.  Thank you!
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All Bar Smilies (Smileys) that we have received by viewer emails are believed to belong to the public domain unless stated otherwise.  BARTENDER Magazine is not responsible for any errors in print or fact stated.  BARTENDER Magazine has no intent to misinform or mislead the reader in any fashion with the information listed.  The graphics are given for entertainment purposes only.


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