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SYMPTOM: Beer is unusually pale and tasteless.
CAUSE: Glass empty.
REMEDY: Get someone to buy you another beer.
SYMPTOM: Beer tasteless and front of your shirt is wet. 
CAUSE: Mouth not open or glass applied to wrong part of face.
REMEDY: Retire to nearest restroom and practice in mirror.
SYMPTOM: Feet cold and wet. 
CAUSE: Glass being held at incorrect angle.
REMEDY: Rotate glass so that open end points toward ceiling.
SYMPTOM: Feet warm and wet.
CAUSE: Improper bladder control.
REMEDY: Make the excuse that you were previously standing next to a dog and then proceed to complain about its house training. Request another beer to calm your nerves.
SYMPTOM: Floor blurred.
CAUSE: You are looking through bottom of empty glass.
REMEDY: Get someone to buy you another beer.
SYMPTOM: Floor moving.
CAUSE: You are being carried out.
REMEDY: Ask if you are being taken to another bar.
SYMPTOM: Opposite wall covered with fluorescent lights.
CAUSE: You have fallen over backward.
REMEDY: Have someone tie you upright to the bar until your designated driver is ready to leave and bring you home.
SYMPTOM: Mouth contains cigarette butts.
CAUSE: You have fallen forward.
REMEDY: See above.
SYMPTOM: Room seems unusually dark.
CAUSE: Bar has closed. 
REMEDY: Confirm your home address with bartender and have someone call you a taxi. 
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and keep it handy
for future reference behind the bar!

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SYMPTOM: Your dad is acting weird and your brothers stare at you with curiosity.
CAUSE: You walked into the wrong house.
REMEDY: Ask wether someone can indicate where yours may be.
~Submitted by:  Mateo R., Cafe Habana, Philadelphia, PA
SYMPTOM: The club is moving, people are wearing white and the music is very repetitive.
CAUSE: You are in an ambulance.
REMEDY: Don't move. Possible drunk vomiting.
~ Mateo R., Cafe Habana, Philadelphia, PA
SYMPTOM: You hear peoples voices with a mysterious echo.
CAUSE: Your glass is up against your ear.
REMEDY: Stop clowning around!
~ Mateo R., Cafe Habana, Philadelphia, PA
SYMPTOM: You're all alone at the bar.
CAUSE: You are loud and annoying, everyone left you and moved to a table.
REMEDY: Buy a round for everyone and be quiet.
~ Kristin Schuster.
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and keep it handy
for future reference behind the bar!
SYMPTOM: The current joke format is boring and lacks personality.
CAUSE: You changed it. 
REMEDY: Go back to the old one where the jokes were good or silly or even stale, but you knew "Someone" in Bismark, ND posted it.
~ "Someone" in Bismark, ND
(Go to: Bartender's Bulletin Board -- It's still there!)
SYMPTOM: At a local pub, and you noticed that the only available girl looks like she fell off the ugly tree and hit every branch on the down.
CAUSE: All the good ones are taken!!
REMEDY: Drink till she looks like a supermodel.
(Don't worry girls, it works in reverse for you too!)
~ Louie Ledezma, Kiko's, Harlingen, TX
SYMPTOM: Bar suddenly has porcelain chandellier.
CAUSE: You have fallen under the toilet.
REMEDY: Wait for friends to stop laughing, then ask to help you up and take you home.
~ No name email sender.
SYMPTOM: Beer tastes sweet and lemon-y.
CAUSE: You have ordered "sissy-beer" (lite or non-alcoholic?).
REMEDY: Ask bartender to forgive you and and to suggest a more manly drink.
~ Trevor Trainer, Huntsville Marriott, Madison, AL
SYMPTOM: When attempting to walk, face hits floor.
CAUSE: Butt of a cruel joke.
REMEDY: Untie shoe laces.
~ Laura Harrison, Dixon, WY
SYMPTOM: You have been told to leave the bar.
CAUSE: You have been a jerk of momentous proportions.
REMEDY: Apologize readily and inform the bartender immediately that she/he is entirely too much goddess/ god for tolerating you for such an extended amount of time.
~ Wanda Griffis, Bartender/Goddess@ Jessie's Lounge, Starke, FL.
Buy the Book
and keep it handy
for future reference behind the bar!
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