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Ray Foley and Jaclyn Wilson Foley of BARTENDER Magazine

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Ray Foley:
Ray is a former Marine with over 30 years of bartending and restaurant experience, is the Founder and Editor of BARTENDER® Magazine. Ray is referred to as The Legend for all he has done for bartenders and bartending. BARTENDER® Magazine is the only magazine in the world specifically geared towards bartenders and is one of the very few primarily designed for servers of alcohol.BARTENDER® Magazine is enjoying its 32nd year and currently has a circulation of OVER 105,000 and is steadily growing.

After serving in the United States Marine Corps and attending Seton Hall University, Ray entered the restaurant business as a Bartender which eventually led to Assistant General Manager of The Manor in West Orange, N.J., with over 350 employees. 

In 1983, Ray left The Manor to devote his full efforts t
o BARTENDER® Magazine. The circulation and exposure has grown from 7,000 to over 148,000 to date and has become the largest on-premise liquor magazine in the country.

Ray has been published in numerous articles throughout the country and has appeared on many TV and radio shows. 

He is the founder of the BARTENDER
"Hall of Fame"® which honors the best Bartenders throughout the United States not only for their abilities at bartending but for involvement and service in their communities as well.

Ray is also the founder of
The Bartender's Foundation Incorporated. This non-profit foundation has been set up to raise scholarship money for bartenders and their families. Scholarships awarded to bartenders can be used to either further their education or can go toward the education of their children.

Ray is the founder of (over 1.5 million hits per month) and, and many other bar-related websites.

Jaclyn Wilson Foley:
Jackie has over 30 years in the hospitality business as a server, bartender, author, and the editor of

Jackie is a graduate of Rosemont College in Pennsylvania. She studied marketing at nearby Villanova University.

She is the author of 'The Pink Drink Book,' 'Girls' Night,' and 'Skinny Cocktails.'

Jackie has been the wife of Ray Foley, founder of BARTENDER Magazine for over 29 years.

She has the experience of a hospitality worker, author, and most important, mother of their 20 year-old son, Ryan.

She is active in the local church, as well as Special Needs Adult Program at the YMCA

.Jackie is a lifelong New Jerseyan, having grown up in Short Hills. She currently resides in Basking Ridge.

Jackie is most proud of the fact that she is able to keep her husband Ray in line with a single glance.
Mr. Foley serves as a consultant to some of our nation's foremost distillers and importers. He is also responsible for naming and creating new drinks for the liquor industry. Here are just a few:

Ray Foley portrait by LeRoy Neiman
"The Fuzzy Navel"
"The Royal Stretch" - for Grand Royal Oaks Race
"The Royal Turf" - for Grand Royal Oaks Race
"Runaway Bride"
"Pink Cadillac"
"Grapeful Red"
"Pear A Mud"
"Pearsian Kat"
"Pomtree Cocktail"
"The Royal Sour"
"The Hamptons "Golden Apfel"
"Water Lilly"
"Mosquito Bite"
"The Balance"
"Farmer's Cabinet"

Ray has one of the largest collections of cocktail recipe books in the world, dating back to the 1800s and is one of the foremost collectors of cocktail shakers, having 368 shakers in his collection.

Bartending for Dummies Book
He is the author of the following Best Sellers:

"The Ultimate Cocktail Book"
"The Ultimate Little Shooter Book"
"The Ultimate Little Martini Book"
"The Ultimate Little Blender Book"
"Advice from Anonymous"
"Spirits of Ireland"
"Jokes, Quotes and Bartoons"
"Beer is the Answer…What is the Question?"
"X-Rated Drink Book"
"Bartending for Dummies™"
"How to Run a Bar for Dummies™"
"Bartender® Magazine's Ultimate Bartender's Guide"
"Vodka 1000"
"Rum 1000"
"Tequila 1000"
"Holiday Cocktails"
and coming in 2009, "Summer Cocktails."

Ray resides in New Jersey with his wife and partner of 27 years, Jackie, and their son, Ryan.


Bartender logoRay and Jackie Foley are available for interviews, including TV and radio.

For additional information or a media kit, please contact:
Jaclyn Foley, Publisher of 
P.O. Box 157
Spring Lake, NJ 07762
phone: 732-449-4499
fax: 732-974-8289

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Ray and Jaclyn Foley at the start of the magazineTHE PERFECT MIX
Husband and Wife Team at Helm of Bartender® Magazine
-- Business Partners and Life Partners: The Perfect Love Story --

 Download THE PERFECT MIX Press Release  - PDF file (26 KB)

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"Ray Foley is known as the bartender's bartender.  Leave it to him to take the mystery out of mixology!"  
says legendary spirits master and marketer Michel Roux - the mastermind behind Absolut, Stolichnaya, Grand Marnier, and currently the CEO of Crillon Importers Ltd with premium spirits from around the globe.

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