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During the registration process, members may be required to fill out profile information for demographic information for Foley Publishing Corp.  This profile information on each individual is private and not shared with any third parties or sponsors.  We are only interested in the total percentage of the answers received from each answer acquired -- IE. Total Amount of subscribers age range, state of residence, country, and bartending profession.  So we "Thank you" for providing this information and helping us understand more about our subscribers!

Foley Publishing Corp. does NOT endorse the practice of sending unsolicited commercial e-mail, otherwise known as spam and spamming. We use an outside Email Management Company to ensure opt-in subscriptions, invitations to join, and opt-out unsubscribing from the mailing list, with security and protection of your personal information. 

As a mailing list subscriber, you will receive periodic or quarterly e-mails on bartending, on-premise topics, special events, updates, or messages from Ray Foley, founder of BARTENDER Magazine, a renown cocktail author, and a professional bartender himself.

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Also remember that you can terminate your subscription to our mailing list at any time!  Instructions for removal come with every e-mail. Check the information on the lower portion of of the newsletter for details.

For additional information, we invite our subscribers to read more about the Email Management Company we use before you make any decisions on joining our mailing list: 

Microsoft's bCentral List Builder:
Provided email management for Foley Publishing Corp ('s Mailing List) from April 2000 through to June 1, 2007 when the program was discontinued.

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We include two of the most Frequently Asked Answers below:

Do you sell or rent lists of e-mail addresses?
No. Foley Publishing Corp. and our Email Management Company (see above) do not rent or sell e-mail addresses. Subscribers join our mailing list voluntarily. We will never give the e-mail addresses of any list to a third party. List members receive mail only from the lists they have joined. 

Any advertising messages will be contained within Foley Publishing Corp.'s newsletters.  We do not provide our subscriber's personal information or email addresses to any outside company, whereas these outside campaigns will be reviewed, managed and sent through Foley Publishing Corp. to you, our subscribers, exclusively. 

What is an Email Management Company?
It is an e-mail marketing service for sending both HTML and text e-mail newsletters to subscribers and customers providing an email address. They allow us to create a customer database with customized demographic information on the total subscribers. This is a cost-effective and easy way to keep our customers' email addresses updated, assist us with immediate opt-out unsubscribing, keep current with security and privacy practices, and to keep you comfortable with our mailing list!

For additional information, please use the links provided above for the Email Management Company we are currently using.

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