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Winter 2000-2001 Winners for November - December 2000
and January 2001: "The Ultimate Cocktail Book II"
  1. SaDawna McCart, Bartender, Olympia , WA:  " is a great resource for people in the industry and novices alike. I find myself checking it out at least once a week to see what's new and exciting. Keep up the good work!"
  2. Shaun Durfee, Bartender Mgr, at The Better End, Portland, ME:  "Thanks Bartender Mag for choosing me to receive this gift, I have been a reader since the time I was a bartender back in Houston TX.  Remember, "bartenders do it with a twist"."
  3. JuliAnna Hackett, OH"Comments: none".
Fall 2000 T-Shirt Winners for the September - October Special:
"The 10 Best Reasons for Being a Bartender"
  1. Josh Larsen, AZ:   "Comments: none".
  2. Christina Tarabicos,Tarabicos Restaurant, DE:    "Comments: none".
  3. Eric A. McCool, Gen. Mgr. (State), Corporate PR/Special Events Manager, Gentry of Chicago, Inc. , IL<>:   "Thanks guys! Keep up the good work -- Great magazine!"
  4. Greg Serfling, Bartender, Rapid City, SD:  "Thanks for all the info and new drink concoctions."
  5. Kevin Ordean, Los Angeles, CA:  "Comments: none".
  6. Katie Watson, Bartender, Memphis, TN:   "Thank you!"
  7. Mr.Surapan Suribtr, I.T. Tradefair Co., Ltd., Bangkok, Thailand:  "Comments: none".
  8. N.C., of Massillon, OH:   Love the site. Will wear the T-Shirt with pride. "Thanks!!"
  9. Rodney Anthony, AL:  "I look forward to a long business relationship. Thank You!""
  10. W. Larson, Bartender, New Haven, MO:  "Tending the adult beverage desires of my friends and patrons spreads fun, good humor, some good stories and gossip and occasionally serious news and information around the neighborhood."
  11. R. M. of Edison, NJ"Comments: none".
  12. Tracy Nicholas, Bartender, St. Louis, MO:  "I'm always here to give ya the beer, You can even call me sweetie, hon & dear.  But don't forget, before you sip, I'll serve it quick, if ya slip me a TIP!"
  13. Glenn Aaron Hartley, VERSACE Hotels, Main Beach Gold Coast, Austraila:  "love the site, could you pls list place's to learn to flair." 

Summer 2000 T-Shirt Winnersfor the June - July - August Special:
"The 10 Best Reasons for Being a Bartender"

  1. Brad Turner of Salem, OR :   "Comments: none".
  2. Stephan Marshall, Bar Manager, McCormick & Kuleto's Restaurant, CA:    "Comments: none".
  3. Daniel Dannucci, FL:  "Just want to say thank you for having this web site available... and don't ever shut down the web site- thanks D."
  4. C.B. of Sheboygan, WI: "The information and advertising at are great! Good professional bartenders are always looking for new ideas, tricks of the trade, etc., it's nice being able to log on and find useful information. Thanks."
  6. Kojak, Manager, The Fish House, Bonita Springs, FL:  "The Magazine has been a great source of new drink ideas that we have been able to use. I love it. Thanks again, kojak"
  7. Bill Wanat, Club Manager, Moose Lodge 914, New Bedford, MA:    "Comments: none".
  8. Roy Wolfman Stevens Bar Mgr. Murphys Lounge Mansfield, OH:  "Beer is good if you tap it they will come....".
  9. David Reid of Wetaskiwin, Alberta, Canada:  "Although I'm not in the bartending trade anymore (still in the restaurant business though), the 24 years I spent behind the wood remain very dear to me. It was only about a year ago that I stumbled across your magazine and have been a faithful reader since then. I quite enjoy the various new recipes that your readers (and their fellow patrons I'm sure) come up with, and some of your artwork for your covers is quite intriguing! Keep up the great work, and thanks for the T-shirt. I'll wear it proud in the fact that I too was part of a group of people that put smiles on patrons faces night after night!".
  10. Roy Van Otten, Mgr Brentwood Bowl, CA:  "Looking fwd to seeing items in here that will help sales. Calif is seeing a big drop in this area due to the new smoking laws".
  11. Dave W., Bartender, Ewing, NJ:  "Very informative and interesting. One of the best Bartending sites I've found. Glad to be a part of it".
  12. Dana DiPerna, Bartender, PA:  "If anyone loves bartending more than I do, I'd love to meet them! I love my job to death, and I'm dreading leaving it (Only to find a better one though) I'm a gal that uses alot of flare in my job. Everything from magic, to flipping tins & bottles, and making cocktail napkin roses. Bartenders rule!"
  13. Mike Derring, CA:  "Bartender Magazine is the reading material of choice at my bar. You guys rock!!!!!!!! Thank You Very Much".
  14. Jacqueline John, Bartender, Bay Shore, NY:  "Comments: none".
  15. John McClafferty, MT:  "Comments: none".
  16. Kenny Fass, Bar Mgr, Moose McGilicuddy's Honolulu, Hawaii:  "Your the best magazine I've ever had!".
  17. Laura Favia, Bartender, Alaskan Pipeline, Schererville, IN:  "Great magazine, Keeps me up to date on the new trends. I look forward to every issue. Thanks!".
  18. Jeff Radtke, Bartender, Wausaukee, WI:  "Comments: none".

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