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Bartender Hall of Fame™ Inductee:  George Delgado

Bartender Hall of FameGeorge Delgado

(New York, NY) -  George Delgado, one of the country's premier cocktail innovators, has been an enthusiast and student of mixology for over 16 years. His passion for spirits and mixology led him through several fine food and beverage establishments covering every aspect of the business, including many years as a bartending instructor.

Since June of 1996 until September 11th 2001, George had been the mixologist behind the signature cocktails that have set apart the Greatest Bar on Earth at Windows on the World as a world-class bar and premier destination for spirit lovers. Delgado began his tenure at Windows on the World working with Wine Director Kevin Zraly and Master Sommelier Andrea Immer where he cultivated his talents and developed a great knowledge of wines and spirits. George completed both, the Windows on the World Wine Course as well as the Captains Wine Course, but it wasn't until completing the American Sommelier Association Certification Course, that he earned the title of Sommelier. He was soon creating cocktails and drink programs while conducting staff training sessions and maintaining arguably the most extensive spirits list in Manhattan at that time. 

George DelgadoGeorge Delgado is currently a beverage consultant and founder of creating cocktails, menus and beverage programs for many of the worlds top cocktail lounges including LIBATION, THE WORLD BAR, THE CAMPBELL APARTMENT, BOLZANO'S and PROVIDENCE in New York City as well as CRAFTSTEAK at the MGM Grand in Las Vegas and THE PUSHKIN CAFÉ at Pushkin Square in Moscow, Russia. George is a writer for BARTENDER Magazine and conducts spirits and cocktail seminars throughout the country including recent seminars for the GOURMET INSTITUTE. George has served the industries' top clients including: Pernod-Ricard, Gourmet Magazine, Brown-Forman, Future Brands, MarketWatch, Castle Brands, Stoli Vodka, Wyborowa Single Estate Vodka, El Tesoro Tequila, and The Rums of Puerto Rico.

Guest T.V. appearances include: Sara Moulton's cooking show "Sara's Secrets" on the Food Network, several appearances on Chef Michael Lomonaco's "Summer Chef's" program on the Discovery Channel, a live telecast on ABC-WTNH "News Channel 8" in New Haven Conn., as well as an appearance on Sunday Morning on CBS with Charles Osgood. Multiple live radio interviews including: The Steve Cochran Show on WGN Radio in Chicago IL, "The Executive Dining Guide" on Bloomberg Radio in NYC, "Culinary Confessions" with Don & Kim on KXAM Radio, Scottsdale Arizona, as well as "What's Cookin'" on CRN Radio Station in Los Angeles. 



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