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Lamar "Dink" Mertz
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Albert Frederick Tromp
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Jimmy Cirrito

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WHY BARTENDER "Hall of Fame"® ?
Every Sport, Industry and Professional group invariably honors its best.  The Oscars, the Baseball Hall of Fame, the Pulitzer Prize, the American Academy of Arts & Letters -- these are all palpable expressions of the regard their honorees are held in by their professional colleagues of the value that is placed on their contributions.

In like manner, BARTENDER MAGAZINE, the Authority on Bartending and On-Premise, salutes the otherwise unsung men and women behind the bar who play so large a role in On-Premises atmosphere and conviviality.  In everything from NEW YORKER cartoons to the old radio show, Duffy's Tavern, from the plays of Eugene O-Neill to the stories of O'Henry, the Bartender is as much a cheerful philosopher of life itself as well as a key ingredient to any successful establishment's ambience.

And now, thanks to the BARTENDER "Hall of Fame"® some of our own industry's leading dispensers of cheer and commentary are being given due recognition.  The "Bartender Hall of Fame"® selections took a fair amount of deliberation.  No effort was spared to locate honorees who not only pour with personality, but also by their own behind-the-bar demeanor convey both good taste and high professionalism.  

The BARTENDER "Hall of Fame"® Inductees are indeed the very best representatives of our business, and each is an "all-star" in his or her own right.  BARTENDER MAGAZINE is simply happy to be able to single them out, and to thereby have an opportunity to pay public notice to the very personability and talent that makes ours such a wonder business to be in.  Even such a beloved member of the Baseball Hall of Fame as Babe Ruth, for instance, was known to spend many of his own non-working hours in the company of our industry's representatives.  The BARTENDER "Hall of Fame"® is an idea that is long, long overdue within our business, but we're none the less very proud to be associated with it despite our tardiness.

Congratulations to all of the "Bartender Hall of Fame"® Inductees!

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