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What does F.A.Q. mean?
It stands for "Frequently Asked Questions".  Here we may save you alot of time by answering questions (below) that are usually sent to us.
Can you send me cocktail recipes I can't find?
No, sorry. We receive so many requests for so many different drinks that we don't have the time or manpower to handle it all. Please look at the drinks featured here on our web site's pages, ask a fellow bartender on one of the bulletin board pages, try our Chat Room, or try one of the cocktail books we offer. 

Look for the Bartender logo!
How do I submit a cocktail recipe to Creative Cocktails or Shooters by regular mail?

All cocktails are printed as submitted ... so please be careful with your submissions.

Mail all to the Attention of the following Departments:    

   *Dept- CC:  Creative cocktails should not contain more than 2 oz. of alcohol.  They should be a new and tasty creation that you concocted for yourself or a customer.  Please include your name and that of your employer.
   *Dept- S:  Shooter recipes.  Please include your name and that of your employer.
   *Dept- SHD:  Signature or House Cocktails are cocktails that identify your establishment or yourself.  Please submit by US Mail with your signature, house logo on a business card or stationery. 
   Send your written cocktails to:

Bartender Magazine
DEPT ( * )
P.O. Box 157
Spring Lake, N.J. 07762

Or go to our Cocktail section and use the Online-Form.

Please note:  Contributions cannot be returned.
Original submissions should be typewritten whenever possible.

I have a subscription question, who do I contact?
Please send your name and address, your subscription information, all label codes on mail and question to:
Bartender Magazine
P.O. Box 157
Spring Lake, N.J. 07762
We check by Label Code first, then Zip Code, then Name, and Street Address:

Or, e-mail all the above information by using our CONTACT form.

I have a question that's not listed... not offensive... that pertains to the bartending and on-premise industry.  Who do I ask?
You can e-mail our staff.  We will try to answer your question, but reserve the right not to answer any questions we feel does not pertain to the bartending and on-premise industry, or that anyone of our staff finds offensive for any reason.
Who do I contact when I notice a problem within this web site (ie. link, misprint, etc) and would like to notify?
Please e-mail our WebMaster, Eileen, with problems or questions regarding the web site.  

Please use the Email-Form on:

Who made your web site and graphics?
Our Webmaster, Eileen, from WebWiser Inc. has created most of the graphics you see and all of our web pages.  WebWiser increased our internet traffic from 250,000 hits to over 2,000,000 hits per month within the first four years -- and we received over 3,000,000 in December 2005!  WebWiser maintains our site on a quarterly basis or as per our requests. We highly recommend them for their creativity, multi-internet talents, flexibity and economical prices.  Please check out their web site, for additional information.
Will you have more questions added to this FAQ page?
Yes!  Check here first before e-mailing for your time and convenience.
Visit again!  Thank you for asking!

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