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About The Magazine
Number One in Total Circulation, Paid Subscriptions
and Product Information

Ray Foley, a former Marine with over 30 years of bartending and restaurant experience, is the Founder and Editor of BARTENDER® Magazine. Ray is referred to as "The Legend" for all he has done for bartenders and bartending. BARTENDER® Magazine is the only magazine in the world specifically geared towards bartenders and is one of the very few primarily designed for servers of alcohol. BARTENDER® Magazine is enjoying its 32nd year and currently has a circulation of over 105,000 and growing.After serving in the United States Marine Corps and attending Seton Hall University, Ray entered the restaurant business as a Bartender which eventually led to Assistant General Manager of The Manor in West Orange, N.J., with over 350 employees.

In 1983, Ray left The Manor to devote his full efforts to BARTENDER® Magazine. The circulation and exposure has grown from 7,000 to over 105,000 to date and has become the largest on-premise liquor magazine in the country.

Ray has been published in numerous articles throughout the country and has appeared on many TV and radio shows.

He is the founder of the BARTENDER "Hall of Fame"® which honors the best Bartenders throughout the United States not only for their abilities at bartending but for involvement and service in their communities as well.

Ray is also the founder of "The Bartenders' Foundation" Incorporated. This non-profit foundation has been set up to raise scholarship money for bartenders and their families. Scholarships awarded to bartenders can be used to either further their education or can go toward the education of their children.

Ray is the founder of www.BARTENDER.com (over 1.5 million hits per month) and www.USBartender.com, and many other bar-related websites.

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The magazine is now in circulation for over 32 years!  Call Foley Publishing 1-732-449-4499 for rates.
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Please remember: Not to drink in excess. Moderation is the keyword. Good judgement for yourself and your guests is most important to any successful party. Drinking and driving do not mix! The cocktail recipes herein are for your pleasure. Enjoy in moderation. Cheers! Ray Foley, Foley Publishing Corporation.


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